Address: 21 Waterfront Drive, Knysna, 6570
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The Waterfront at Knysna and Quays is by far the most popular attraction site in Knysna and area, this exiting destination is visited by both national and international visitors. It consists of a variety of shops and restaurants constructed around the Knysna Harbour including a lowering bridge. All the restaurants have stunning views which overlooks the Knysna lagoon.

There are several restaurants to choose from and a great variety of other shops to visit with the ever present spirit of excitement and chilling that holiday feeling!! The ferry trips from The Waterfront to the famous "Heads" and back is one of the main attractions in the vicinity of the harbor.

If you are in no mood for shopping or eating it is still a great place to be for just strolling through the Waterfront at leisure or sit on any of the well-appointed benches and take in everything around you; you will be amazed by what you see. Most of the tourists who have been to Knysna always return which causes the number of visitors to this popular destination to increase every year by 10% or more