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African Attitude

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African Attitude is an exciting and eclectic shop offering a diverse collection of traditional and contemporary African art and craft. There is a strong focus on supporting community based projects and the continuing development of local artists, with a strong emphasis on recycling. We stock telephone wire baskets, traditional and fashion beadwork, embroideries, Hand painted fabrics and ceramics, beaded cutlery and a wide variety of other local products.

A must for any discerning buyer of African craft

Tel : +27(0)44 382 1650

Beach House

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The Beach House is exciting and different - a slightly irreverent, tongue-in-cheek outlook on fashion. Our style is quirky and fresh. We stock local and imported clothing, footwear, accessories and gifts. Our products are unique and reflect the latest local and international fashion trends. We have imported Italian cotton knitwear, dresses, skirts, blouses and jeans, an extensive range of bags, gifts and home ware. Our locally produced shoes are hand-made and exclusively designed for the Beach House. We also have a range of imported shoes, boots and sandals. Our clothing ranges cater to all from the young and trendy to the more classically elegant. At the Beach House we try to make your shopping experience fun-filled and memorable hope to see you soon!

Tel : +27(0)44 382 7005

Bitou On the Water

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Tel : +27(0)44 382 3251

Colegate Metal Art

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Stephen Colegate manufactures beautifull luminares,wall features and standing sculptures of seahorses,fish,dragons,owls gechos and lizards and a variety of other animals and birds.

The pieces incorporate glass,beautifull agates and wood and can also incoporate copper and brass.The pieces range in size from 30cm to approximatly 3m.Visit our shop to see the stunning range,to buy immediatly or to discuss and place an order.

Tel : +27(0)44 382 5967

Health Bells

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Tel : +27(0)44 382 7931


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Tel : +27(0)72 557 0005

Leather Woods

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Tel : +27(0)44 382 0395

Leathers & Feathers

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Tel : +27(0) 44 382 1693

Molo Africa

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We offer an extensive range of African souvenirs from wood to ceramic and fabric to stone. From precious gifts to unique decor item at a reasonnable price!

We are also stockist of 2 amazing local bags designers, African Gameskins and JM internationnal, who produce unique part and full skin bags. We source a lot of our suppliers locally and support community based or empowerement projects such as Ngenya Glass, The Fenix, and Lembu craft.

Tel : +27(0)44 382 3080

Out Of Curio City

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Tel : +27(0)44 382 0137

Porcupine Ceramics

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Porcupine Art out of Africa has created a unique and sophisticated Euro/Afrocentric range of contemporary ethnic raku-pit-fired ceramics, which project a new and exciting art dimension whilst retaining the spirit of Africa.

Each piece produced in our studio is made with special attention to detail and by a collective group of artisans. Besides the human aspect, our industry is environmentally friendly

Tel : +27(0)44 382 0928

34° South

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Our impressive gift shop offers an eclectic range of attractive and nautically-themed gifts - be it toys or goodies for the kids, stylish platters or drinking glasses for mom, hip-flasks or wine openers for dad and the statuettes.

Many of the items in stock are manufactured in home industries and reflect 34° South's core philosophy that 'local is best'.

Tel: +27(0)44 382 7331